This page is an archive, ca. 2019.

News (archive, ca. 2019)

  • August 2018:

    Ben will serve on the program committee for CC 2019. Submit.

  • 2017-2018:

    Ben is on sabbatical until Fall 2018.

  • May 2018:

    Valerie Zhao '18 successfully defended her undergraduate thesis on dynamic binary instrumentation.

  • December 2017:

    Valerie Zhao '18 received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 CRA Undergraduate Researcher Awards.

  • November 2017:

    GE Global Research and Edison Pioneer Award winner Diwakar Kasibhotla made a generous grant to support our work on flexible and effective data race freedom checking.

  • October 2017:

    Valerie Zhao '18 won 3rd place in the SPLASH 2017 Student Research Competition (undergraduate division), where she presented a poster and talk on her summer REU work at CMU with Darya Melicher and Jonathan Aldrich.

  • August 2017:

    Our paper on instrumentation bias for efficient and safe software support for dynamic data race detection in FIB (with Man Cao at Google, Mike Bond at Ohio State, and Dan Grossman at UW) will appear at OOPSLA 2017 in October.

  • July 2017:

    Our paper on efficient hardware support for data race detection in PARSNIP (with Yuanfeng Peng and Joe Devietti at U Penn) will appear at MICRO 2017 in October.

  • July 2017:

    Ben was named the inaugural Anchor Point Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Wellesley College.

  • May 2017:

    Sam Mincheva '17 successfully defended their undergraduate thesis on improving thread locality analysis for locksets.

  • February 2017:

    Our paper on lightweight software data race detection (with PLaSS at Ohio State) will appear at CC 2017.

  • April 2016:

    Kasey Shen '17 won 2nd place in the CCSCNE 2016 undergraduate research competition for her lock profiling work.